Overwhelmed by Your Home Renovation?

The Renovation Planner™ is an amazing framework for planning and managing your home renovation.  Get organized and know exactly what you need to complete your project with the only planner that guides you through your home improvement process from start to finish.


  • Undated Calendars

    Ready to start when you are for the most flexible project planning.

    3 Monthly Spreads to plan your entire project from demo to move-in day.

    Weekly Planning to strategize week to week project activities over 12 weeks.

    Daily Planning to write down your day to day activities to move you closer to your move-in date. 

  • Renovation Guidance

    Useful checklists, assessments and pro tips to help you conceptualize and manage your project from start to finish.

  • Digital Planner Partner

    Maximize your overall planning experience with an online project management tool that perfectly complements the physical Renovation Planner. Share and access information while you're on the go.

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